Kye closeup

Don’t know why
but I’ve always had a pull
between city life and country life.
Watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama
and the immense community that gathered round him,
brought back for me that pull
between city life and country life;
at a deeper level,
between solitude and community.
I think we need both.
Those who live in the city need ways to have solitude.
Those who live in the solitude of the country
are challenged to build community.

Community-building has taken on a whole new dimension
with web technology.
But I still need to see faces around the table,
sharing nourishing food and conversation and concerns.
I am comforted when working with others,
in the kitchen or the pecan grove or the food pantry.

As we move into the Age of Responsibility
I think we are moving into an Age of Community as well –
community with humans
and with all of creation.

As he does every morning,
the Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute who lives in this house
came into the bedroom this morning
and rested his chin on my bed
and looked straight at me
with his one white eye and his one brown eye.
I reached over and stroked his black coat,
his soft ears.
It is a morning ritual that,
when I am present to it,
grounds me in creation.

But this bright morning,
I feel the need to be in human community too.
I made arrangements to get together with friends later in the day.