Yesterday was honey harvest.
Ann is the beekeeper here
and her son Ben and his wife Abby
have an interest in keeping bees
so while they were here visiting
Ann and Everett Taylor,
Ann’s friend and beekeeping mentor,
donned the bee suits
and went to look at the six hives.
The first hive
had a thriving community
with lots of “brood”
(bee larvae)
but no honey.
Ann will have to make sugar boards
for that hive
or they won’t make it into winter.
The other hives had lots of honey –
one super was especially heavy.
They took three supers
from the hives
and will extract the honey from them,
leaving the rest for the bees to eat this winter.
Before they loaded them onto Everett’s pickup
they used a blower
to chase all the bees out
and into the hives again.
We love the honey the bees make
from the blossoms here on the farm –
from apple blossoms to clover to prairie flowers –
and this year the harvest was bigger than last.

Everett and Ann opening a hive

Ben and Abby chasing the bees out of the super