The Enthusiastic Tree-Planting Crew

Debra and Grandson B Water a Transplanted Tree

Abby and Maggie

The Circle of Blessing


Friends, family and neighbors gathered
at Debra‘s yesterday
to plant more trees in Maggie’s Wood
as our contribution to the Global Day of Action
to let world leaders know
that we’re willing to do what is necessary
to lower the parts per million
of carbon dioxide
to 350.
(We’re now at 392;
and NASA scientist James Hansen,
for one,
says that it is not safe for humans
above 350
and that we need to rapidly
reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
by the end of this century.)
Debra and Danny started this wood
last year
and named it after their granddaughter Maggie
who was born about then,
in hopes that their children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren
will be able to live on a healthy planet.
We planted more trees yesterday –
little trees transplanted
from people’s yards and gardens
into the wood.
Then we dedicated the wood
to Danny
who died unexpectedly a few weeks ago
and blessed it
and pledged to continue
to care for creation.
Then we celebrated in front of the big 350 sign
that Crystal and the children had painted
and shared supper
and topped it off with birthday cake
and homemade ice cream.

Thanks, Debra
for giving us the opportunity
to stand in solidarity with so many around the world
in caring for this beautiful planet.
(There were 7347 events in 188 countries yesterday,
including this grove of trees along Skeleton Creek
in Garfield County,
And Happy Birthday.