Touring Turtle Rock Farm

Planting Radishes

Meeting Red Wiggler Worms

Petting Bella, the silky rabbit

Picking Apples

Meeting Little Red Hen
(having gathered her egg)


Oh my gosh,
did we have a happy morning!
Seven little girls –
ages two and three –
came with their moms
(and two baby brothers)
to visit us yesterday.
They were eager and excited
about everything they saw.
They dug into the soil
and planted radishes.
They held Red Wiggler Worms
without even a single “yuk.”
They picked apples –
some to take home
and some to feed to our chicken.
They gathered the day’s egg
and carried it around with them
in their tiny hands
(and it was still in tact when they put in their car.)
They petted a rabbit
and the cool mud walls of the strawbale hermitage,
inspected the composting toilet
and stood inside a tipi
which towered above them.
These little girls
will definitely not have to suffer
from nature deficit disorder,
thanks to their mothers
who brought them to a farm
to explore freely.
And they inspire us:
who wouldn’t want to do
whatever it is we need to do
to ensure these children
and their children
a healthy life
on this planet?

Standing on the window seat
in the strawbale-and-mud hermitage