Dewy Spider Web Among the Winesaps

…we must protect the remaining wild lands, especially in our cities, because we desperately need the companionship of other species. We need them for pleausre, for instruction, for inspiration. We need them to recall us from the frenzy of our lives. We need the birds, butterflies, frogs and snakes to help us monitor the health of our home places. We need the trees and other plants to purify our water and air. We need wild lands as reminders of the natural cycles and deep time out of which we have evolved and on which we depend. These untrammeled spaces offer us relief from the hard, temporary, sometimes ugly shapes of human constructions. They serve as reservoirs from which other parts of the city and countryside might be repopulated with wild creatures. They give us a chance to glimpse the shaping intelligence in nature, to sense the ultimate mystery from which all things rise, and to align our lives with that power.

Scott Russell Sanders, A Conservationist Manifesto