Things are just a little wacky
at the moment.
The pecan harvest is in –
but instead of the old days
when you strolled in crispy fall leaves
and picked them off the ground
in the chill of late November,
raccoons and deer and squirrels
scarf them up
as soon as the green pods open
and reveal the nut.
For humans to harvest any,
we have to get in the trees.
For us,
that means standing on the back of a pickup truck
pretending we’re deer.
We have found very few on the ground
and if we want any
we can’t wait for them to fall.

Last night,
the most laid-back animal on the farm,
our dear Maizey,
suddenly started chasing all cats
from the porch.
This has never happened before.
This morning,
during breakfast,
where cats and dogs share a space in the barn,
she was growling at them
and driving them to higher perches.

The offspring of a mamma cat with a stub for a tail
has now grown big enough to see its tail:
It’s about half a tail long,
with a crook at the end,
and then a stub.

I opened Persimmons
this morning,
to check inside the seed
to see what kind of winter we might have
(a fork indicates a mild one; a spoon, a wet one; a knife, an icy one.)
I opened four persimmons
before I even found a seed.
(Not quite completely formed,
it looks like a spoon to me,
even though Farmer’s Almanac says
our winter will be mild and dry.)

A pear tree has produced
an abundance of pears,
but they have no pear flavor.
the Winsaps are plentiful and delicious.

I have yet to see a Red-tail Hawk
flying over this patch of prairie
or sitting on a fencepost.
Yesterday, I saw one about five miles away,
so I’m hopeful.

The Red-Winged Blackbirds
that flew in a few weeks ago
I’ve not seen lately.
I have noticed a Cardinal or two.

Mockingbird has started singing
(thinking it’s spring??)
We had rain last night –
cracking thunder
and a spring-like light show.

This fall has been so beautiful
and I have soaked in it,
a healing balm.
I’m feeling a little discombobulated
as I notice the changes,
the out-the-ordinary.
So it is a comfort this morning
to see a moth I’ve never seen before
on the front porch.
That is “normal.”
And, Hairy the Cat,
unaffected by Maizey,
has returned to the front porch
and sits alongside.