Bella and the big gray

Jolie stepping from the old pen to the new


The Flemish Giant and little Bella
met twitchy nose-to-twitchy nose
then Bella went on the attack.
The gray Belgian
took off
and they raced around the large
hay-strewn corner of the barn
that is their new pen.
We were surprised that Bella
was the aggressor.
She had been kind of sedate before now.
It was Jolie,
the bigger rabbit,
that took after Bella
the one time they were together.

Bella continued to chase after the big one
from time to time.
when she finally negotiated her way out of the smaller pen,
got into a hair-flying tossle with Bella.
They scrambled and wrestled with each other
quite awhile
before ending it.
No one seemed to be hurt.
Then Jolie took after the big one too.
She makes quite a thumping sound
with her large paws.
Everyone eventually settled down –
Bella against the south wall,
the grande gray one nestled into the straw on the west side
and Jolie back in the cool earth
where she had been nesting in the smaller pen.
That was their introduction.
They’re back in their individual hutches for the evening.

is interesting.