This weather is perfect
and has been this way for weeks,
so unusual for Oklahoma.
Yesterday afternoon,
I took a long walk
down the road,
across the prairie
where, indeed, a red-tail hawk
was making circles in a bright blue sky,
and the cottonwood leaves were doing their
exquisite dance in the breeze;
then up to the “oil blossom”
(the little mesa along Doe Creek.)


There’s a Granddaddy Long Legs

I found my sit spot,
on a moss-and-lichen-encrusted flat stone
and just looked around
while the dogs,
Joe and Maizey

A few leaves are turning,
yellow and orange,
and falling;
the cedars are loaded with blue-gray berries,
while the sunflowers are blooming
I sat in my sit spot
just watching
small grasshoppers,
a Grandaddy Long Legs,
a bronze Caterpillar,
a Blue Jay.
Joe’s and Maizey’s persistent barking
piqued my curiosity
and I rose
to find them trying to get at something
under a large rock.

Back along the creek,
across the prairie,
alongside the old cemetery
where Mockingbird,
atop a cedar
Such familiar territory,
and yet
there are changes,
For one thing,
so many
perfect days.