Morning Sky 22 October 2010

A photograph never captures
the sky in the morning
as Earth rolls over
and reveals Sun.
For one thing,
I am rarely up watching
the process unfold,
at first light,
which arrives imperceptibly
even when I am sitting in the dark
On the most colorful mornings,
the light and color change
in five second intervals.
The color grows strong
and then as we get close to seeing
the sun
it fades
in the brilliant
expanse of golden light.
There is no way for me
to capture that in a photograph.
Only one second
is captured in the lens.
As beautiful as it may be,
there is nothing,
no image,
no word
that can express
the growing expanse of brilliance and beauty
that awakens
in the watcher.

Morning Sky 25 October 2010