We had good rains in June,
even a little in July
and August.
And still,
the prairie water cycle –
flood and drought –
We are in a dry period.
Much of Doe Creek on our farm
is bone dry.
A few days ago,
I walked the creek bed,
which is rough
because the cattle walked it
when it was still muddy
so that now
it is deeply pocked.

Ponds are going dry as well.
This one still has water,
because it was dug deeper
a few years ago
during another dry spell;
still, the shoreline has receded considerably.

These are fresh water mussel shells,
on which Raccoons and Great Blue Herons

A couple of years ago
we planted Cypress seedlings
in the riparian zone all the way around
the deeper pond.
They live today,
almost every one of them.

water plants
even amidst the cracked bottoms
of ponds that have gone dry.

One good rain,
this pond will fill;
water will flow down Doe Creek.
It’s the prairie cycle.