Because we come together
in times of trouble
and because this hot and dry summer
has brought trouble—
for animal, vegetable,
fish, amphibian, reptile, bird—
friends gathered yesterday afternoon
at the shores of what was once
a beautiful pool of water
to pray.
We engaged in every prayer
we know how to pray
to connect us
with all of creation,
with all its wisdom;
with Love and Wisdom
in all its manifestations;
with healing
for all.

The cracked, smelly, drying muck
at the bottom of the pond,
now exposed,
teaches us:
of change
that we can
and can’t
of the need to pay attention
to all of life in
and around us;
the wisdom of knowing intimately
the home on which we
live and breathe and have our being
and how our footsteps
our complete dependency
upon the elements and beings
of this planet.

We didn’t exactly pray for rain.
We acknowledged and grieved the loss
of water
and habitat;
we sought wisdom
and guidance;
we expressed our deepest
most fervent desires,
our hope;
and we celebrated
the great web of life.