A Trough Full of Fowl

Two Hens

“Sweet Little Pullet Eggs”

I remember last spring
when we went to the farm store
and brought home sweet little peeping chicks.
They grew
and made it through
a fiery summer—
well, one didn’t.
One turned out to be a rooster;
a fine, handsome, noisy rooster,
who seems to want to chase us
and who makes life miserable for the hens.
There are five lovely hens,
who are now, this week,
laying eggs—
“sweet little pullet eggs,”
as our friend Deb calls them.
(She’s getting sweet little pullet eggs
at her place too.)
We love having fresh eggs again.
It is such a joy to find these
perfect little orbs.
I look forward to breakfast

And we’re hoping that,
when the time comes,
next spring,
at least one of those hens
hasn’t had her genetic memory
completely bred out of her
so that she can sit on the eggs
long enough
to hatch sweet little peeping chicks.