This is a time in the western culture
when learning to live in the moment
is both immensely challenging
and immensely life-giving.
The problem—
losing track of our Center
due to an explosion
of communication and work demands:
constant, instant availability,
demanding schedules—
leads to the solution:
the very opposite—
being mindful of this moment.
Living mindfully in the moment
leads us back
to our truest selves,
to the “Bigness that holds us all,”
to the beauty that is life,
in all its forms.

We offer a day away
to learn and experience
the spiritual practices
that can be used
even amidst the harriedness
to live the sacrament of the moment.
It’s Saturday, October 8
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
at Turtle Rock Farm.
Register at