It’s the simplest elements:
a place in the natural world,
a beautiful time—the golden hour;
excellent local wine;
people who share an interest and passion
for a healthy planet;
perfectly prepared fresh, local, thoughtfully-grown food;
live music by a consummate musician;
a starlit night.

Visiting on the porch

Meeting Darcy and Biak

Touring the hermitage

They came mid-afternoon
and leisurely toured the farm:
connected with the alpaca and goats,
explored the strawbale hermitage,
walked the labyrinth,
sat together in the rockers and wicker chairs
on the front porch.

Maya and Maizey

Rachel instructing board member-servers

Towards supper time,
they walked the road up to Doe Creek
to enjoy roasted vegetables and cheeses
and Woods and Water Winery‘s Shiraz.
Barb and Rachel from Kam’s Kookery
were putting the finishing touches on dinner.
Maizey and Joe,
the farm dogs,
were present
and made fine playmates for our two youngest guests.
Our Green Connections board members
had a great time serving the courses
to guests.
Salad, potato soup, (from Crows’ Farms potatoes) bread,
zucchini and grilled onions, sweet potatoes (all from Kam’s garden) ,
buffalo short ribs
(thank you James and Sandy at Wichita Buffalo Company)
and apple pie made from Peachcrest Farms’ apples.
It was a leisurely supper,
as the sun turned the trees along the creek golden.
Lovely people,
enjoying each other,
relaxed conversation,
the food,
the natural world.

Good thing a chill came over us
as the sun’s rays disappeared,
else we might never have made the move
back to the round-top barn,
where Kyle Dillingham
performed another beautiful concert.
Bride Andrea joined him in a duet
and some of us danced!

The proceeds go to Green Connections,
which supports the work at Turtle Rock Farm,
including the educational and celebratory gathering
next Earth Day, which we’ll celebrate on April 21.

It was a fine gathering.
I think it’s a wonderful idea,
to gather every Saturday night
(or every chance you get)
to dine in the natural world
with dear ones,
happy food
and music.