Rain Puddles

We are so thirsty
for rain.
And so deeply grateful
when it falls.
An inch on Saturday
and another inch on Sunday.
Today is cool and cloudy
and quiet.
The rain barrels are full.
Listening carefully,
one can almost hear the earth
sucking up the moisture.
We soak,
we savor.

And hopefully
we learn
and change.
A guest visiting from Kansas City
tells how that city
is supporting citizens who establish
rain gardens,
building bio-swales
and planting plants that grow
in wetter places.
Last week, our most gracious volunteer,
Beau Lacefield,
worked on sheet mulching Ann’s garden
and the bermuda grass in my back yard
to create a new growing space there.
It’s obvious to me now
where the water in the yard goes when it rains:
down hill and onto the driveway.
Right there along the edge of the yard:
that’s where my first swale and berm
will be built.
Oh, the things we have ignored
for so long;
oh, the gratitude
that we can learn and change.