Lavender, yet to make a comeback
next to re-greening Hoya

Xeriscape Rose recovered and now with tiny pink buds

Russian Sage with purple blossoms

Honeysuckle, re-greening

Solidago, currently blooming

The drought and the grasshoppers
devastated plants in our flower beds last summer.
Lush Hostas—two feet in diameter
and ready to bloom—
Rose bushes, Lavender, Sage, Honeysuckle
were stripped bare.
The only plants not eaten by the grasshoppers
were the xeriscape plants:
Russian Sage, Rus, Solidago, Desert Willow
(except for the Rose, which is a xeriscape plant.)
They not only survived the drought,
but the grasshoppers weren’t interested in them.
Not sure why;
but very glad.
Russian Sage, Rhus, Solidago nd the Desert Willow
remain unscathed
and even flowered.
The xeriscape Rose has come back
with full foliage and tiny rose buds.
Lavender still looks dead,
but the Honeysuckle and Hostas are leafing out again.

We get our xeriscape plants
from High Country Gardens.
Worth every penny—
not only for the pocketbook,
but our spirits
and the plants
as well.