Some 30 years ago
we remodeled the old farmhouse
and put a box in the living room ceiling
so that some day
we could install a wood stove.
Today was the day.
After last winter’s frigid days
and days without heat,
it seemed like time to get the wood stove.
The Boehs brothers—Seth and Mahlon—
came from Helena, Oklahoma,
where their family runs a building supply business.
They brought a beauty of a wood stove,
a Lopi Republic 1250,
and installed it in a couple of hours.
They also installed a fireplace insert
at the pond house.
Now to get down to the pecan grove
and cut firewood from that pile of thinned trees.
Looks like we might celebrate the stove’s arrival
with a first fire
in a couple of days
when we’re due for our first freeze.