I certainly know better,
but it sounds like spring
here on the prairie.
Flocks of Meadowlarks sing sweetly.
Plovers make their plaintive cry.
For the first time since real spring
I heard a Mockingbird singing its repertoire
from atop a Juniper.
This morning I saw a Robin at the water tub.
It’s October,
I know.
We’ve already had a killing frost.
Yesterday, in five miles,
I passed six Red-tailed Hawks
sitting high on post and wire.
A smallish flock of wintering Re-winged Blackbirds
fly in and out of view across the prairie.
Bluejays have been carrying on.
Dove couples have come into the yard
to feed on the first birdseed I’ve put out.
But those dainty pink rose buds
have burst open
and the Meadowlarks are singing
like it’s spring.