The Little Green, Solar, LED Lights


Ann was on a family vacation
and met another family,
Claude and Maury Dorais,
who founded a not-for-profit corporation
that designs and produces
inexpensive, solar powered LED lights
for distribution in developing countries
so that children can see to read and study
without the health issues caused by kerosene.
(An evening spent studying next to a kerosene lamp
is equivalent to being exposed
to the smoke of two packs of cigarettes.)
Working with other non-profits and relief agencies,
Unite to Light has distributed the $10 solar LED lights
(they use one long-lasting battery)
in 17 countries on four continents.

It’s been a tradition in our family
for several years now
to donate to not-for-profits
rather than pile up the Christmas gifts for each other.
Heifer International is one of our favorites.
It’s a deeply sustainable program
that helps people grow their own animals.
This year,
we’re also donating to Unite to Light.