Frozen Fog

An ecologically sustainable lifestyle is based on cooperative relationships in all activities and at all times, for it is one of the laws ruling the universe itself that sustain the chain of interdependencies of all beings. Such a lifestyle also involves a respectful use of all that we need and a willingness to recycle it when it has fulfilled its purpose, for that is also the way of nature, which utilizes everything and wastes nothing.

Enchantment with nature opens us to our specific mission in the universe, that of being priests celebrating and giving thanks for the grandeur, majesty, rationality and beauty of the cosmos and everything in it. Everything can be transformed into material for prayer to the Creator. We find splendid examples in the testimonies of the astronauts who have contemplated the Earth from above. James Irwin said, ‘The Earth reminds me of a Christmas tree suspended against the black depths of the universe. The further away we go, the smaller it gets, until finally it is reduced to the most beautiful imaginable little ball. That living object, so beautiful and so warm, looks frail and delicate. Contemplating it changes a person, because you begin to appreciate God’s creation and discover God’s love.’

— Leonardo Boff
Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor