I’ve never doubted
that people do
when they say things like,
“I see God in that.”
But I don’t.
Maybe I’m too literal,
maybe it’s simply a matter
of words,
but sometimes
words matter.
This morning,
feeding the animals
in the gentle rain
with a guest alongside,
I was struck,
stopped in my tracks,
by the beauty of raindrops hanging on the fence wire.

Kabir Edmund Helminski writes:

Human beings have an innate need to be in contact and communication with something of great value or beauty and to express themselves in loving respect and even awe.

And, he says, we must recognize the Beneficent Reality
behind the forms and events
in our lives.
My attention was arrested
by beautiful raindrops this morning.
I heard in my head
those words people have said,
“I see God in that…”
and was aware that I don’t see God in that raindrop;
but that, seeing the beauty in that raindrop,
without even trying,
I felt Love.