Doves, Cardinals, Sparrows, Juncos



Female Cardinal at Water

In anticipation
of colder weather
and the arrival
of winter companions,
I have been sprucing up
their accommodations;
setting the table
with new feeders
and a new watering system
that keeps their water from freezing.
It’s a major investment this year
to provide Black Sunflower Seeds
(summer’s heat and drought
even impacted the sunflower crop!)
so they may not get as many as before.
They are back:
old friends—
Sparrows, Juncos, Cardinals, Woodpecker,
Doves, Goldfinches—
and, I’m thrilled to report,
Long ago Meadowlarks feasted
at this place,
but I haven’t seen them here these last four winters.
It is so good to see them again.
I’m not the only one;
guests are mesmerized as well,
looking out the dining room windows
and watching birds.
It’s such a simple delight;
how can it be
so deeply satisfying?