Front Cover

It’s still a secret
but, come Christmas,
some of the people I love
are going to get a lovely
little prayer book
written by John Philip Newell,
whose feet are planted firmly
in Celtic spirituality
and who is committed to peace
for all the Earth
and harmony among its peoples.
In fact,
wonderful translations
of brief scripture selections
in this book
come from all three Abrahamic traditions.
Praying with the Earth; A Prayer Book of Peace
is a beautiful gift for all
and I can imagine the peace that could come
as lots of us pray these morning and evening prayers.

Here is this morning’s:

To the home of peace
to the field of love
to the land where forgiveness and right relationship meet
we look, O God,
with longing for earth’s children
with compassion for the creatures
with hearts breaking for the nations and people we love.
Open us to visions we have never known
strengthen us for self-givings we have never made
delight us with a oneness we could never have imagined
that we may truly be born of You
makers of peace.