Doe Creek, Filling Again

We are experiencing
the second day
of rain.
It’s falling gently,
though heavy at times.
We’re hoping it will be enough
for the ponds that are still low
to fill.
The puddles are huge.
Everything is getting a good soaking,
long overdue.
December is normally one of our three driest months.
The blistering, dry summer
is still scorched into our memory,
this rain is sheer, sumptuous gift.
Or could it be a new trend?
We haven’t been “normal” all year.



The birds are not daunted.
They come in the rain
to feed from the grain I put out
in the front yard
and the Pheasants — three females and two males —
are still enjoying the hay straw in the back yard.
They feed morning and evening
in the rain.

Canada Geese have come in great flocks
to the flood control reservoir
south of the farm house.
They rise from the water
honking. Why do they honk
as they take off, fly and land?
In the evening, they fly to wheat fields
in the east for supper.
I watched one flock
after another
and listened as they flew over
a couple of evenings ago
when I was down at the beaver dam
on Doe Creek,
just downstream from the reservoir.
The wetlands that the beavers created
are filling again,
as is the creek.
But there are no signs of beavers now:
no fresh cuttings,
no tracks.
And the dam itself is in disrepair.
I hope they come back soon
or I’m going to take up Deb’s offer
to have her beavers
relocated to our place.

Wetlands above the Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam, Needing Attention