On the Eve
came the Christmas promise:
Let it Come.”

We have entered the Christmas season:
twelve days of receiving…

On the Ninth Day of Christmas
we received
two Chickadees.
Our grandmother always spoke sweetly
of the Chickadees that came to the birdseed
she put out in her backyard.
This is the fourth winter
I’ve been back at this house,
feeding the birds,
and the first Chickadees have come.
I think there are two,
though there could be more.
Little black, white and gray birds,
they take one seed at a time,
then fly to a branch to eat it
before returning for another.
I was delighted to see the first one
and thought there had to be more
and cheered aloud
when I finally saw one come right after another.
What a Christmas thrill.
And wonderful timing—
for our own little Chickadee
flew back to California
on the Ninth Day of Christmas,
a Christmas gift
for California.