We’ve had warm, non-winter weather
the last two weeks,
and then yesterday the north wind
and last night
snow fell horizontally.
There is no white on the ground
this morning.
But the wind is blowing.
The bird bath was empty.
I filled it
and watched the waves on the water,
then, the wind blew the water
out of the bird bath.
A little Goldfinch couldn’t stay on the edge
and get a drink;
the wind blew her off.
It wasn’t long before they learned
that if they stand on the water heater element
they won’t blow off.
Better today,
a bowl of water on the ground.

We feed the goats and alpaca
Alfalfa every other day
in wintertime.
They love it
and look expectantly for it
Yesterday, as I was trying to divide
the flake of Alfalfa into three pieces
for the paca boys,
I was having trouble getting it apart
and William was trying to eat it
while it was still in my hand.
But he couldn’t
because I kept moving it,
trying to tear it.
He made his cranky sound
and then finally stomped
his right front foot three times
in complete exasperation.


There are big sounds
in the neighborhood this winter.
Giant flocks of Canada Geese
rise from ponds a half a mile
in any direction
and there is a great honking,
a rise of fluttering blackness.
There are so many flocks
that in the evening
it’s fun to watch them
flying around the neighborhood
deciding who is going to light
on which pond.
We’ve watched flocks seemingly collide
in the sky,
but, rather, merge and reconfigure
in a cascade of elegance.