The Beautiful Rooster
is still with us—
and still prone to attack.
He sometimes comes at me,
in a running waddle, full force,
then lifts himself off the ground
and does this sort of karate kick
with his powerful feet,
knocking a bucket or water jug
out of my hand
in a flash.
I feed him corn,
I feed him greens
and this distracts him for awhile
but I have to keep my peripheral vision
The theory that he would come to know me
not as a larger, threatening rooster
but as a giant corn-feeder
has been completely debunked.
he may be coming to know me
as She Who Throws Water.
We carry jugs of water
to fill various water tubs
in and around the barn.
And when he comes running,
I throw some of the water on him,
which always stops him.
A few days ago,
when he came running,
I threw water on him
and he ran off—but
I followed him and threw more water on him.
In fact, I chased him around the barn
throwing water on him
until the jug was empty.
It was not one of my most elegant moments,
but he hasn’t attacked since.
I’m not sure he will continue to remember
that I am She Who Throws Water,
so I’m still watching out of the corner of my eye.
If he has a short memory,
I might have to chase him with the water
from time to time.

I am also keeping a watchful eye
on how he treats his barn-mates.
I haven’t seen him chase the hens
for a while now. In fact,
they seem a more cohesive community.
But he was chasing a Guinea
the other day.
I’m still hoping we can all co-exist.

He is beautiful.