Fancy New Worm Bin
Snuggled into the Hay in Round-Top Barn

Ann has become a successful
Red-Wiggler Worm grower.
She keeps them in the furnace room
in the basement at the Pond House
in several plastic bins
and feeds them kitchen scraps.
They love their home there
and have been multiplying
right along.
Not long ago
she learned how very much
Red Wigglers love Alpaca manure.
Darcy, Biak and William happily oblige
and the compost the worms make from it
is very fine.
after attending a workshop
led by Will Allen of Milwaukee’s Growing Power,
she learned about a wonderful design
for a Red Wiggler home.
She built the first one last week
and installed it in the round-top barn.
It is filled with about 10 pounds of Red Wiggler worms,
shredded paper
and Alpaca manure,
covered with a gunny sack
and surrounded by hay bales.
The worms will turn the manure,
paper and kitchen scraps
into that lovely compost.
We’re thrilled with the new bin
and hope the worms are too.

Friends visiting today
went home with a yogurt container
filled with worms
and a bag of shredded paper
(thanks to a local group that does the shredding)
to get their worm farm going.

We love having friends like that.