Canada Geese on the Big Pond

Canada Geese and Snow Geese

Lifting Off

There is a great roar
in the neighborhood,
off and on during the day.
It is made by thousands of Canada and Snow Geese
honking their way
from one farm pond to another,
one field of Red Winter Wheat
to another.
The Snow Geese, in these numbers,
are new to us this year.
The Canada Geese have been wintering
here for years.
In fact, they probably are partly responsible
for the Big Pond getting shallower,
leaving their guano behind.
(Though it’s hard to say, really;
the pond is some 60 years old
and has been taking on eroded soil
as well.)
Some wheat farmers
don’t like them chowing down
in their fields,
though they do put cattle out
to graze on the winter wheat.
Hunters from the city
come to shoot them,
despite the “No Hunting” signs
and despite the fact we tell them
there is no hunting on the land
we steward.
The flocks of geese,
especially in these numbers,
are spectacular.
They don’t fly around so much
in small flocks,
but join together and fly as one
great wave of a flock,
honking all the way.
I have yet to tire
of hearing that great roar
as they lift off the pond,
swirl around the sky
deciding where to next,
then float down onto the water.
They are a definite presence,
beings in the neighborhood,
Day after day, seeing them
causes me to smile
and feel glad
for the company.