we’re acting like it’s spring around here.
The winds have returned.
One night the solar shower hot water tank
blew over onto the solar panel,
which, we think, was not damaged.
The winter grass is so green,
we brought the goats out,
tethered them so they could get to it.
Not interested—
and they let us know it.
Eye-itching and sneezing have begun.

Vegetable seedlings are sprouting
in every sunny window.
Ann is building a movable pig pen
so we can borrow pigs
to dig up the bermuda grass
to make a new garden
under a high tunnel
(tall, unheated greenhouse.)
This will extend the growing season.

We rescued a giant bale
of Hay Grazer
that fell off someone’s truck
awhile back
and put it in with the alpacas and goats,
since they had pretty much eaten
their first bale of the winter.
The alpaca chewed on the new one non-stop
until we finally coaxed them into the goat pen
where they could get a rest from it for the night.
Next morning,
they chomped on it more,
sitting down on top of it
when they got tired.
That has given the pasture a little recovery time
and this morning they’re out
nibbling on the shoots
they find.

Rooster will forever,
I now know,
want to attack me.
We were doing so well:
me carrying around a jug with water in it,
him not coming near.
Then one morning
I became complacent
and turned my back on him
without keeping an eye out
and while I was getting the chickens and guineas
(and him!)
some feed,
he landed a full-monty—
both feet solidly—
on my backside.
I will never trust him.

We are enjoying the birds
and have hung feeders to attract
Baltimore Orioles and Eastern Blue Birds.
Have a Blue Bird house to put up.
More baby birds,
more insects eaten.
Saw a pretty little House Wren
this morning,
riding the wind
on the platform feeder.


A friend’s family came for a visit
last weekend.
They fed alpacas,
played on the hay,
loved the mud.

Our greatest joy
was watching them run
and run and run
squealing all the way.