Hope springs eternal
with the coming of spring:
for home-grown tomatoes,
freshly-dug potatoes,
brightly greened greens,
sweet melons,
tender green beans,
crunchy cucumbers;
harvested just before suppertime;
grown in happy, rich soil
that has been amended
with soil created from kitchen scraps
and leaves
and processed by Red Wiggler Worms
and that is free of toxic chemicals;
that brings home to us
the joys of living
in the great circle of life.

Saturday, March 10,
Ann will teach a workshop
on gardening and composting—
including how to use Red Wiggler Worms
for composting
(her favorite way.)
Gardening will focus on how to garden
in small spaces
much of the year.
You can come for half a day
or the whole day.

To catch hope
and enjoy
the Great Circle of Life
(and get started on gardening
and composting)
register at our website.