How can we express gratitude to the Earth for all its gifts?

Write a song of praise and sing it in the street.
Say thank you before morning coffee, which is a gift of grace from the water and the soil, which owe you nothing.
Celebrate the season of harvest with feasting, the season of scarcity with fasting, the season of new life with dancing, and the season of ripeness with listening.
For every gift you are given, give something in return: a planted seed, a suet scrap, a moment to notice the moon.
Be glad for ponds.
Take nothing without noticing. A deep breath, a carrot salad, a drink of water or wine.
Write thank-you notes, which is what your mother taught you. Write to the soil, “This is a great gift and your are kind to give it and I hope you are well in the new year.” Bury the note in the garden.
Hold each gift in your hands—fresh snow, a tomato, a child’s crayon drawing; examine it closely to understand how beautiful it is, and astounding. This is how a gift becomes sacred.
Make something of every gift you are given.
Use it, but use it wisely and well.
Imagine, when you awake each morning, what you will make of the new day, that greatest of all astonishing gifts.
Listen closely when the gift is music. Return it abundantly when the gift is love. Touch it gently when the gift is fragile. Protect it fiercely when the gift is vulnerable. Laugh aloud when the gift is joyous. Share it when the gift is truth. Use it bravely when the gift is freedom. When the gift is money, give it away.
Above all, do not pretend to understand why you have been chosen to receive these gifts. This is the mystery of life.


–Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson
Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril