One way to get rid of grass
where you hope a garden will be
is to invite pigs to supper.
On the site of the big garden
at the Pond House
we are making preparations
to install a high hoop house,
which is an unheated greenhouse.
So Ann built a temporary fence
at one end of the garden
then called our friend and neighbor
Paulette Rink, of Rowdy Stickhorse Wild Acres,
and asked to borrow a couple of pigs
for a few months
to dig up and eat grass roots
for the expanding plantings.
Last weekend, Paulette and Gary
delivered two beautiful, friendly pigs.
They are a heritage breed:
Gloucestershire Old Spots
(with some Hampshire.)
They went right to work,
rooting at the grass
and seem most happy.
They come to the fence
when we approach,
talking up a storm
in their delightful pig language
and accommodate us
as we rub their bristly-haired heads and necks.

It is really fun
to all work together,
each contributing who we are
and what we have to offer,
we cats, dogs, birds, chickens,
rabbits, goats, guineas, alpacas,
bees, Red Wiggler worms, humans, pigs.

Thanks for sharing, Paulette.