Mary and Alice bringing the poles out of the barn

Laying out the skin

Tom setting out the tripod

Ann and Mary tying ribbons to the pole tops,
as wind direction indicators

Tying the tripod

Raising the tripod

Laying the poles between the tripod poles

Wrapping the poles together

Bringing the skin attached to the lift pole

Wrapping the skin around the poles

Lacing the ends together

Attaching the marbles and cord for the stakes

Tom, Maizey, Mary, Pat, Alice (Ann behind camera)


Late last spring
a strong wind blew in
and ripped the canvas on the tipi,
causing it to crash to the ground.
All but four of the poles
A canvas repairer in Enid
stitched the skin of the tipi
and our friend Alan Ware
brought new poles from
Edwards Canvas in Pauls Valley.
Then, last Friday,
on a clear, sunny,
miraculously-not-windy March day,
friends—Tom Temple,
Mary Moloney and Alice Quinlan—
came to raise the tipi.
It was a gentle process,
a community effort,
that, as always, leaves us in awe
of the indigenous people
who created this wondrous dwelling.
And, as always,
we smudged the space,
in gratitude—
and hope,
that the winds won’t take it down
ever again.