Since the Enlightenment, the body of the earth and heaven’s body of planets and stars have increasingly been seen as soulless. The sense of the numinous has been withdrawn from matter. And the mind and consciousness have been almost exclusively identified with the human. So the properties that we specifically identify with humanity, such as feeling and thought and soulfulness, have been viewed as incongruent with the rest of the universe. They have been seen as exceptions to the cosmos rather than as emerging from the heart of the cosmos.

We live in a moment of grace. Through the hedges of our divisions we are beginning to glimpse again the beauty of life’s oneness. We are beginning to hear, in a way that humanity has never heard before, the essential harmony that lies at the heart of the universe. And we are beginning to understand, amidst the horror and the suffering of our divisions, that we will be well to the extent that we move back into relationship with one another, whether as individuals and families or as nations and species. The time is right. The time is desperately right. And it is only love that has the power to reawaken what has been paralyzed in our hearts.

— John Philip Newell
A New Harmony. The Spirit, the Earth and the Human Soul