Meditation is the single most fruitful
spiritual practice
I know.
At the most basic level,
it reduces stress.
It also helps me know
and live out of my truest self
and connects me most consciously
with Love/Source of Life/Spirit/God.
It requires discipline
and so,
is helpful to share in community.
We offer a meditation retreat
to introduce people
to various methods of meditation
and to share with each other
in the practice
and develop our practices.
During the day together,
we include information about the labyrinth
and a walk on our great prairie labyrinth.
Every time I review the practices,
meditate with others,
my practice is revitalized and deepened.
We hope the same is true for others
and so we offer the day’s retreat
exploring various meditation methods,
meditating in several ways
and spending the time in community
to support each other in our practices.
Join us on March 31. You can register
on our website: