First thing this morning,
the dogs barked from the front porch.
When I looked out
all three alpaca were alert
and looking east.
Three white-tail deer
were running up the road,
then they jumped effortlessly, elegantly
over the fence and ran along Doe Creek.

Hostas have popped up
out of the soil
and some are three inches tall—
in one rainy day.
Still no sign of life
with Yarrow or Lavender.
Yarrow is native,
so I’m surprised it didn’t recover
from last summer’s drought
and the grasshopper plague.
Will replant.

With almost two inches of rain
softening the soil,
it was fun this morning
to pull up grass
and a few other plants
I don’t want in the flower beds.
And it dawned on me:
grass grows good here.
This is the prairie.
Maybe we should leave it at that!

The two bunnies
are doing well.
They are still in their own
pen, not yet
in the rabbit village
with Bella.
We’re giving them a chance
to grow, get used to the place.
They hang together,
cuddled side-to-side.
Once in awhile, they and Bella
look at each other
through a gate.
We’re hoping she’s friendlier
next time they are together.

We think the hens are getting close
to nesting.
Instead of finding eggs here and there,
we find six or seven in the same nest now.
We’re leaving the eggs where they are
and paying attention to see if there’s a hen
inclined to sit on them.

This morning I heard Mockingbird’s
for the first time this year.