Tricia beside the tipi

Tipi aglow at night

Our houses
protect us,
partially from the natural world.
And we are grateful for that.
One of the gifts
of staying in a tipi
is that we can reconnect
with the natural world;
for when staying in a tipi,
we are more aware of the natural world
in which we really do live.
These beautiful days
of full-blown-spring-in-March,
staying in a tipi
is full-blown-enjoyment
of the natural world.
We and our friends have stayed in the tipi,
but last weekend,
Tricia Dameron was our first tipi guest.

Now she knows the genius
of indigenous peoples
in building such a useful
and beautiful dwelling.
She knows the joy
of sleeping in the natural world
with stars shining
through the smoke hole at the top of the tipi,
and smoke rising into the night
from the fire beside her.
And she knows the sublime sacredness
of sun, stillness, sweet song
as she woke up with the prairie.