First asparagus of 2012

it’s weird around here—
and weird.
Yesterday I said the asparagus
and now we have asparagus.
As our friend Debra observes,
the normal sequence of blooming
is simply out of line;
many plants are blooming early
and some normally early-blooming plants
are still asleep.

Susan weeding in the raised bed garden.
The revitalized strawberry patch is behind her.

no strawberry plants survived
last year’s extreme winter-summer combo.
Ann and Susan Ross
are rebuilding the strawberry bed.
(Susan has come on board to help out.
Thank you, Susan!)
They’ve weeded the patch,
prepared the soil and begun replanting.
We’re thinking that the shade
from the Redbud trees maturing there
may be helpful
as the warming trend continues.

We’re looking at May 15
as the date for putting up
the high tunnel for year-round growing.
As the climate is warming,
Oklahoma’s growing season—
historically, spring and summer—
is changing.
It’s too hot in the summer
and the winters seem to be getting milder.
So, some growers are putting up
unheated greenhouses
to grow fruits and vegetables
fall, winter and spring.
Too, they can cover them with shade cloth
and hope to be able to grow something
in the summer scorch.
Steve Upson from the Noble Foundation
will lead a workshop
here at Turtle Rock Farm
May 15
on how to construct a high tunnel.
Workshop fee is $25.
To reserve a spot,
(there are limited spaces)
email Ann at