About the time
we confined the black hen
to the nest of eggs
she seemed interesting
in hatching,
Ann took six hen eggs
and put them in an incubator.
The black hen
didn’t make it through
the 21-day sit,
but a few days ago
Ann began hearing cheeping sounds
from the incubator
and the next day
there were tiny holes in the shells.
Yesterday, six chicks
each pecked their way
out of their old home
and entered a new world.
There are two peach-colored ones
(from the Amerauncanas’ blue eggs, we suspect),
a yellow one, (Leghorn?)
and three black ones,
one with some white on its head
(perhaps a black and white speckle.)
They’re cuddled under a warm light
in a box at Ann’s house
and will grow up to live
in a movable chicken pen
(the “chicken tractor”)
in the garden
and in the new hoop house.
We are grateful for the hens
who lay the eggs
we gather each day;
grateful for the eggs as well.
And now, it’s a delight—
more than that,
a wonder—
to watch these little lives
come out of those eggs.