Every time I hang the clothes
out on the clothesline to dry,
it’s a little gift to myself.
Every time I scoop up shower water
and set it aside to water plants
or flush the toilet,
it’s a prayer for the planet—
and our children’s children.
Simple Living
is spiritual practice
and it is
environmental stewardship.
And so,
it is a joy.

It is a joy too
to offer our Simple Living Retreat
during which we look at the history
of our consumptive lifestyle,
how it impacts the planet
and all who live here,
and how to make the changes
we’re each ready to make.
We’ve discovered it’s helpful
to do this in community.
In fact, we’ve been surprised to learn,
that some people return to Turtle Rock Farm
where composting, recycling, collecting gray water,
hanging out clothes to dry, gardening, is the norm
so that they can feel the support they need
to continue to deepen and widen
their simple living practices.
Our next Simple Living Retreat
is right around the corner:
April 28.
Contact us or register online: