There has been an explosion
of activity
in preparation for the Green Connections
Earth Day Celebration
As they say at The Land Institute
when they prepare for their Prairie Festival,
“we got the place looking like it ain’t.”
Usually, we mow and clean up
as we can,
a bit at a time,
pretty much all the time.
This week,
we devoted most of our time
to preparing for company,
mowing and spring-cleaning all in one fell swoop
and the place—lush and green—
looks remarkable.
We will welcome friends and guests
as we come together
to spend the day in community
learning about
and being grateful for
our planet home.

Mr. Darcy, William, Biak Bay
today, in their full winter coats

are the alpaca,
dressed this cooler morning
in their full winter coats.
They must feel good today,
but two days ago
they were standing in a spray mist
and cooling their heels
in a foot bath.
they will be shorn.

are the Guinea Fowl.
They now have laid a clatch
of 13 eggs
in an ungrazed pen in the corral.
We keep waiting for someone
besides the cat
to sit on them.

Thor and Tutu

are Thor and Tutu,
the rabbits,
who are a bit skittish
and will only see our guests
from the safety of their pen.

We expect the animals
to go about their business
as usual
(well, except for the alpaca’s shearing)
but know their good company
will add much to the festivities.

Music with George Davis & Friends on the front porch at 1.
Drum Circle with Dave Conrad at 2.
Alpaca Sharing at 3.
Thanking the Earth Ceremony at 4.
Picnic at 5. (Reservations only
at this point.)
Contra Dance with the Mud Dobbers at 6:30.
Cherokee Double-Wall Basket Weaving
with Renee Hoover;
Wheat Weaving with Diane Ford;
Spinning Wool with Janice Robinson;
Solar-Oven Making;
Straw Bale Hermitage tours.
thank you Earth—
the Lyrids meteor shower!