The Second Annual Green Connections Earth Day Celebration
was last Saturday at Turtle Rock Farm.
It was a day set aside
to come together
and learn more about our planet home,
all who live here
and how interdependent we are.
And it was a day to thank Earth
for food, air, water, clothing, shelter.
Too, it was a day to celebrate the Source of Life
in song, companionship, picnic and dance.

Guests visit the tipi and in the straw bale hermitage

Diane Ford teaches wheat weaving.

Kayla and her star made of wheat.

 Janice Robinson demonstrates spinning alpaca wool.

Renee Hoover teaches Cherokee double-wall basket weaving

Dave Conrad teaches about finding our natural rhythm
and the rhythms of all on the planet

Marty Hoffman teaches about alpaca wool, as Darcy is sheared.

Guests visit Biak, waiting his turn.

Darcy and William, freshly shorn, wait in the pasture for Biak.

Listening to the sweet sounds of George,
Dale and Sylvan’s swing music on the front porch.

Making solar ovens in the round top barn.

        Elizabeth Box Price leads the Thanking-the-Earth ceremony
during which Mary Moloney reads a Wendell Berry poem.

Guests join in the prayers for wisdom and blessing.

    Volunteer Extraordinaire Doug Sander manages the grills and fire pits
to cook corn on the cob and Buffalo hot dogs.
Nothing’s finer than a picnic with fine food, fine company, fine fiddling and clear skies.

Two of the children from Lone Star School cook
their Wichita Buffalo Hot Dogs in their new solar oven.

And then the Mud Dobbers
and the Scissortail Traditional Dance Society
danced us into the night.

We thank everyone who came to share the day.
We thank the Lone Star School for bringing their students and parents,
who enriched our time together
with their total engagement and interest in the events.
We thank Diane, Renee, Janice, Marty, George, Dale, Sylvan, Dave,
Shanda and the Mud Dobbers for their generous sharing of talents.
Thank you Whitney Pearson of the Oklahoma Sierra Club
for bringing our awareness and activism to the environmental issues that threaten the planet.
We thank Elizabeth, Dorothy, Mary and Claudia of the Green Connections board
for their deep commitment to environmental education
and their lovely presence.
We thank Susan, Doug, Nelda, Erica and Frank for their extraordinary efforts
to make this celebration happen.
We thank our parents,
who left this beautiful place on the prairie
for us to tend and share.
And we thank the Source of Life and Love
for bringing us all together