A few years ago
we learned
that being in nature
helped people who serve in the military
heal from trauma they experience
in war zones.
Since then,
we’ve been offering a day
at Turtle Rock Farm
for women who have served
or are serving
in the military.
The first year,
we offered the retreat
for women who had been deployed.
That first gathering
we learned that women in the military—
whether they’ve served abroad or not—
benefit from time together in nature.
This year,
our Retreat for Military Women
is Saturday, May 5.
In addition to walks on the prairie,
visiting the animals,
relaxing in nature
and lunch together,
we’re offering a drum circle,
led by Dave Conrad.
Drumming connects us
in profound ways—
to ourselves,
to each other,
to the natural world.
And it’s fun!
To register,
click here.