Barnswallows are nesting
in the chicken house.
They return each year
and we let down a section
of the wall
so they can fly in and out.
I enjoy seeing this couple;
haven’t heard any little peeps

A hummingbird has returned
(well, there may be more than one,
but I’ve only see one at a time),
as well as the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers
and cattle egrets,
which we haven’t seen here
for a few warm seasons.

Cattle Egrets

Kildeer at pond’s edge
is a constant source of

I was pulling up crab grass
along the sidewalk
and disturbed a nest
of baby Lady Beetles.
Gently put the grass
back in place.
There are jillions
of insects flying around,
this Spring.
I never before noticed how beautiful
is a wasp.

Lady Beetle Nursery

First toad.

He looks like he’s still half asleep,
and he didn’t budge,
just a foot from me,
as I planted a Jasmine bush.
We’re hearing choirs of little creeking frogs
along the swollen creek;
the deep hurrumph of bullfrogs at the Big Pond.
I’ve seen horned toads too.
I think they’re returning,
after vanishing
from this part of the country
for years.

Snakes and turtles have emerged.
Yesterday, I watched a box turtle stumble
along the rock garden
and a snake slither
the length of the porch.

One recent night,
I had to double-check
what I thought I was seeing:
never have I seen a firefly this early,
but there it was
zipping and blinking
around the yard.
I’ve seen it now
for several nights.

Whatever combination
of conditions we have this spring,
they have brought forth
pretty baby roses,
gobs of baby pears
and honeysuckle so sweet
that a whiff
sends your spirit
reeling helplessly
into some other realm.