Morning Sky this Gray Day

It’s another perfect day.
Not the sunny, cool, light breeze
kind of perfect day;
rather, the perfect gray day,
with sprinkles.
As Earth somersaulted over
this morning,
the sky glowed red,
then faded
as the sun was revealed,
That was all we’ll see
of the sun today.
There is rain
to the south
and it may move up here
But today is a perfect
non-rainy gray day:
perfect temperature,
the slightest breeze.
Without the bright and shadow
of a sunny day
it is easy to see the color
of everything.
Too, there is a specific energy,
or lack of it,
in a gray day.
The animals seem to know it;
they appear calmer.
Our bodies seem to know it;
they cry for rest.
And so we mostly sit down today
to enjoy the world
set on pause.