Guinea Hen Sitting on Clutch of Eggs

Mystery solved.
We had been wondering
what would happen
to the clutch of guinea eggs—
there were 20 at last count—
in a well-hidden nest
in the corral.
Earlier, when the total number of eggs
reached 23,
we removed all but two
and put them in an incubator.
It didn’t seem like any of the hens
were in a brooding mood
Those eggs are still in the incubator,
with 10 days to go.
Immediately, a guinea,
maybe two,
added one, or so, eggs each day.
When I looked in the nest
four mornings ago,
there were 20.
That evening,
when Ann was putting all the animals
and birds into their safe places,
she found a guinea hen
on the nest!
The hen has been sitting there ever since—
three nights and days now.
We are thrilled
and hope she can be successful,
which means she has to sit there
for 28 days,
getting up briefly to eat and drink.
She has done an excellent job,
hiding her nest in the tall grass,
in a pen in the corral.
And we haven’t seen her off the nest.
It is a wondrous thing
that she wants to do this;
that she wants to sit on a nest of eggs
for 28 days.
Something in her
wants to see that life emerges
and she seems willing
to sit in one spot,
to forego bug-hunting
and being with her flock
until it does.
We are in awe
of her
and whatever it is in her
that brings life.