Erica Moore

One of the participants
in our last meditation and labyrinth retreat
is a professor at the University of Central Oklahoma.
She must be a good professor—
one who knows her students—
because before she left
she told us she knew of a student
looking for an internship
who she thought
would fit right in to Turtle Rock Farm.
We made contact
and Erica Moore came to the Earth Day Celebration,
helping immediately,
leading the solar oven workshop.
She used the paper boxes,
foil and glass we had provided
but she also shared another great idea.
When she goes to class,
she parks her car in the sun,
and sets a pizza box lined with foil
on the dashboard,
places cookie dough on it,
then covers it with plastic wrap
and when she gets out of class
she has warm cookies!
Didn’t take us long
to invite her here for the summer!
Already, she’s learning about beekeeping,
lasagna gardening
and gardening in a high tunnel.
This internship is the final requirement
for her bachelor’s degree.
Her dream is to one day
operate a retreat center herself.
We are very happy
she chose to take that first step
at Turtle Rock Farm.
Welcome Erica!