Because apricot trees
blossom so early,
we rarely get apricots.
The blossoms usually succumb
to a hard freeze,
which can occur up to—
and sometimes after—
April 15.
Two years ago,
a heavy, insulating snow fell while the trees
were heavy with blossoms
and we enjoyed many apricots.
So we weren’t expecting any
for another five years, or so.
Then the mild winter—
there were no freezes after March 15—
gave us hope.
And now, apricot harvest is on
and I think they are the most flavorful apricots
I’ve ever eaten!
It’s a wondrous thing,
to pick little orange-pink globes,
break them open
and eat something so sweet and scrumptious.
We probably could eat them all
while they’re fresh,
but this morning, Erica
picked a few more ripe ones
and cut them up
and put them in the solar dehydrator.
We will be able to savor
in winter too.