It seems like a summer day
A friend traveling across the country
on vacation
stopped for an overnight visit
and joined us for morning chores.

Sandy meets Buttercup and Pearl

Our friend Tom Temple
came for the day too.
He helped us
trade out the composting toilet barrel
and got the solar shower hooked up.

We had peach salsa,
made with Oklahoma’s Porter Peaches,
for lunch.

Day Lillies and Sunflowers have started to bloom.
Tomatoes are ripe.

was siesta time;
Tom in the hammock under the Cedar trees.

I walked down to the corral to check on
the guinea hen.
Today is the 28th day
she’s been sitting on eggs.
At this point,
she’s still sitting.

Mamma cats were watching
kittens playing in the shade.
They scampered to their hiding places
when I approached.

It’s not a hot summer day.
The air is mild and soft
and the breeze is almost cool.
Coming through the windows and doors,
there’s no need for fans today.
But somehow,
there’s been a distinct turn
towards summer’s slower pace.
And there is confirmation
that this is true: this afternoon,
I heard cicadas start to sing
their lazy summer serenade.